Have you heard of the modern technology that can convert images to PDF? If you haven’t tried it out yet, then you are living in the past. Get it today and transform your workplace overnight!

It Eliminates Wasted Time on Projects

Nothing is quite as annoying as spending loads of wasted time on a project that is supposed to be streamlined and on-time. If you and your employees are stressing out about achieving the right formatting and getting everyone on the same page, then this software is going to be a total lifesaver. The technology helps to Convert images to PDF so you can have stunning visual aids for all of your business projects. Images can include charts, graphics, and any logos or motifs that you want to include in your branding. And best of all, there is no drama from other colleagues and business partners who are having trouble opening, viewing, and converting the image files.

It Keeps Employees on the Right Track

Another wonderful perk of our image to PDF conversion software is that it helps to keep everyone on the same page, and over time you will notice the smoother workflow and how effective company communication is. If a regular occurrence in your office is employees constantly asking each other for clarification or sifting through email after email of questions about instructions on a certain project, then you are going to love this software program. When you can easily convert images to PDF files, you can include visuals and pictures to help your employees out. This really comes in handy when you are creating training resources and course curriculums. Of course, there are plenty of applications for this type of cutting-edge technology, so you will have to explore more!

It’s Free, Quick, and Simple!

Yes, that’s right; you can utilize this awesome form of conversion software without shelling out any money. Please, keep your money for the company budget, on things that really matter. We understand that business expenses really add up, and we would not want to waste our hard-earned profits on something like converting files for colleagues and clients. Thanks to the PDF converter program, you can simply select your image file, click on our link, and have it transformed into an easily readable PDF in no time at all. It is so simple and easy that it almost seems like a crime. Try it for yourself today!








Have you heard of the new credit card payment system from Gateway Merchant Services? This innovative new technology is breaking ground on generating more sales with more customers. Check it out for yourself!

How it Works for Businesses

Gateway Merchant Services is proud to offer businesses their handheld credit card processing technology. What this simple device does is allow salespeople and managers just like yourself clinch deals and sales faster than ever before. This new technology is just starting to be used by companies all over the nation and now you could be one of the frontrunners in your field. Given that the business world is more competitive now than ever, it takes a whole lot of innovation and ambition to make the cut and reach that desirable consumers. Now you and your employees can make an impact and see a quantifiable difference with this efficient technology. The device is the size of a tablet and can reach credit and debit cards, allowing for transactions to take place wherever.

What it Looks Like for Customers

Now how about your clients? After all, the customer service element of any business is one of the most important aspects. Not to worry, because the gateway credit processing device looks just as attractive to clients as it does to you. While your store guests are browsing a selection of products, you can engage them in friendly conversations and educate them about your impressive inventory. The consumer will express interest in a product and you can then clinch the sale and have them pay for it right then and there. No more walking them to the cash register, signing into the bulky machine and waiting for it to respond. No more annoying and off-putting lines that cause you to lose out on potential buyers. Simply swipe their card right where you’re standing and have them make an easy payment with the push of a button.

Why Everyone Wins

This technology is like magic, and it may feel like that once you start seeing the profits rise and your customers come back for more. Yet this is just a brand-new device and service that is not yet as widespread as it will be in the near future. Why not get a headstart on your competition and incorporate the gateway credit payment system into your company? Greater profits, sales, and buyer retention are closer than you think. Get in touch with Gateway Merchant Services today to learn more!









Gold is one of the most precious and valuable metals in the world which has a unique place in history as an object of pure beauty in addition to being a safe investment option for many. The cultural significance of gold has been interwoven in almost all cultures of the world. The minting of gold coins dating back to 800 BC can be termed as the initiation of what has now evolved into an enormous, flourishing industry. Holding and hoarding of gold has been a practice of ancient times for various reasons as it is one of the most feasible investment options due to it being a highly liquid asset.

So, if you are thinking to invest in gold in 2016, here are the 5 top reasons why you should not waste any more time to make the move:

1. Inflation Suits the God Investors well

Hyperinflation is not something to be afraid of but rather, it is something for gold investors to rejoice. The increase in the cost of living as a consequence of the economy being burdened with debt often leads to soaring gold prices. Thus, the increasing prices of international goods coupled with a decrease in the purchasing power of an individual is the ideal time for you to consider buying gold as a possibly less risky investment option.

2. (Almost) Guaranteed Returns

In times of financial uncertainty, it is important to have an investment which guarantees profitable returns. Keeping in mind the current financial scenario, many financial advisers are consulting their investors and clients in favor of investing in gold as a means to gain financial success and limit their risk in the future.

3. Prices Peak in Relation with Oil

Gold production is expected to peak in 2016 and hit its highest production output. However, from that point onwards, it is predicted to hit a stagnant phase which would see a significant decrease in its production. This prediction is based on the oil extraction and consumption statistics carried out by resource analysts. Previously, oil consumption had been in excess leading to an excess of supply of the resource which resulted in a diminishing demand from China which ultimately led to a fall in oil prices from $100 per barrel to $30 per barrel. In the current scenario, gold holds a special place in the financial market as it is a comparatively safer investment in times of financial instability and distress compared to other investment options.

4. Negative Correlation with other Investments

Over the years, an investment in gold has always had a negative correlation with other forms of investment. A year marked in history to be fruitful for stock investors has not been so kind to gold investors and vice versa. So, investing in a single industry or commodity is associated with increased risk in terms of a return on investment. For this reason, many investors are advised to have a diverse investment portfolio so that a negative performance in one sector might not result in the loss of an entire investment amount.

5. Political Uncertainty

With the current political scenario unfolding in many countries across the globe, catastrophic losses are not only to the result of financially uncertain times but also a direct result of geopolitical uncertainty. Gold, known as a ‘crisis commodity’, is the safest investment option in a tough political scenario. A low confidence in the government and the EU crisis could be a strong indicator to invest in gold in 2016.

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