$ASML 2 Hour Chart - Gaping up, but between 2 fib levels, It looks more liekly it will go for the 73.20 target which represents the 61.8% Fibonacci level. If it does, that is usually the turning point.

ASML 2 Hour

$GOLD 15 min chart -  Another one opening in the middle of two Fibonacci levels. I highly doubt that it can go over 73, but if it does, then 73.28 is the turning point in my opinion.

GOLD 15 min

$GOOG 15 min chart - On a short term scalpers chart, $GOOG is gaping 3 Fibonacci Levels. Still far from the 50ma, so most likely it will be a pump and dump.

GOOG 15 min

$MSFT 30 min chart - Good earning, gaping 3 Fibonacci levels, better hold 29.35.

MSFT 30 min

$PSEC 30 min - Another gaping 2 Fib levels. This one needs to hold above 10.74.

PSEC 30 min

$VOD 30 min - I will be watching this one for a double top.

VOD 30 min

$VRTX Monthly Chart - This one I had to go back a couple of years to find a good Fibonacci Level. This is not my top pick, but one that I will be curious to see what it does.

VRTX Monthly

$VVUS 4 hour chart - This one is poisd for a run. This is my favorite setup. I would love to see a pullback to 12.08, before taking it for a nice ride.

VVUS 4 Hour

$ZNGA Hourly Chart - Over 3.28 I like it.

ZNGA Hourly


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