$AAPL 15 Min Chart - I included this short term scalp chart with Fibonacci levels just in case people are looking for an entry on this stock. If it goes over 428.49 (23.6% Fibonacci Level). It is a nice long.

AAPL 15 min

$BBRY Daily Chart - No love until 15.52. So stop dreaming with it until then.

BBRY Daily

$GOLD 2 Hour Chart - Nice gap, but right in the middle of two Fibonaci levels. I would be careful on this. One can rely on the 20ma in a 5 min chart to find a decent entry. I personally rather wait.

Gold 2 Hour

HIMX 6 Day Chart - I think that today is the day that the run will end on $HIMX. They will go higher one day, but now it is pullback time. So if it fails to break 6.25, and I can find shares, I will most likely short this wild horse.

HIMX 6 day

$MSFT Daily Chart - Slow mover, but will continue to go higher. I think that with some patience, one will see $MSFT reach 29.57 in the coming month.

MSFT Daily

$NUAN 2 Hour Chart - I don't like the price action and the gaps in this chart. Not being able to cross the 38.2% Fibonacci Level, suggests me that $NUAN wil eventually have to re-test the 23.6% level 19.60, before it climbs back up with confidence.

NUAN 2 Hour

$VOD 15 Min Chart - Just like the $AAPL chart, this is a short term scalp chart with Fibonacci levels. At the moement as I write this, the stock is likely to open at the 61.8% Fibonacci level, which in my view is the end of the run. If it fails to break this level, then it is a short, if it crosses it, then the target in the upcoming days is 29.48.

VOD 15 min


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