$AMRM Daily Chart - gaping over the 1st fib level. As long as it can hold the 7.53 level, this setup loks very bullish.

AMRN daily

$BCRX Daily Chart - Needs to hold above 2.01 which represents the 50% Fibonacci level. This could be a nice runner today.

BCRX Daily

$FSLR Daily Chart - There is no setup in $FSLR until it crosses the 27.45 level. The 27.45 is the 23.6% Fibonacci  level also know as the Launch pad.

FSLR Daily

$GLUU Daily chart - Nice little netry apost for $GLUU, I would wait to see if it pullsback to 2.84, and then take it over the 20 ma.

GLUU Daily

$PERI Daily Chart - 10.06 is the place it needs to hold above, so it can move to the next level.

Peri Daily

$RIGL 10 Min Chart - Above 4.60 is the launch pad.

RIGL 10 min

$SRPT Daily Chart - I really don't think that this one is ready yet. A re-test of the 38.2% Fibonacci level is where I would most likely wait befoe doing anything significant.

SRPT Daily

$SVA Hourly Chart - Nice gap up, and ready to go. Watch the 4.13 level. It absolutely needs to hold that.

SVA Hourly

$ZNGA Daily - Over 3.72 and with the market doing well, it is a go for $ZNGA.

ZNGA Daily


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