$ALLT Hourly Chart - I need to see a move above 12.15 to get behind this one.

ALLt Hourly

$BBRY 2 Day Chart - Same old story. Until it gets over 15.52 it got nothing.

BBRY 2 day

$FB 2 Hour - I wanted to short this one yesterday. it worked until it touched 26 and turned back. I want to see if it can hold the 26.62 Fib level, if it can't I will take it down.

FB 2 hour

$FNSR 15 min chart - Opening above the 23.6% which pretty much suggest that it needs to hold the 12.92 level. If it holds, then it is on the launch pad.

FNSR 15 min

$NUAN 2 Hour chart - Needs to cross 21.42 which represents the 50% Fibonacci level. Remember 50% fib level for me are considered a fence. Above it and it goes higher, if it fails it is usually a fast descent.

NUAN 2 Hour

$PRXI Weekly chart - If it can cross and hold above the 3.20 level (38.2% fib level) it could go. I will watch 20 ma on a 5 min chart closely on this stock.

PRXI Weekly

$PSDV 2 day chart - 2.47 is the 38.2% Fibonacci level. If it holds, this could be a good runner today.

PSDV 2 Day

$SRPT Daily chart - 35.95 is the 38.2% Fibonacci level. The stock is currently @ 35.20 on pre-market. If it starts to fail in the first hour, this one will be a nice short to the 50% Fibonacci level at 33.

SRPT Daily

$TSLA 15 Min Chart - Gaping up to the 38.2% Fibonacci level. At any time during the day if the market reverses, make sure you have that level as reference so you can short from a nice spot, and really take this one down to fill some huge gaps left behind.

TSLA 15 min

$ZNGA Daily Chart - 3.72 is the sweet spot, even though a lot of people wished they had taken it under 3.10. Including me.

ZNGA Daily


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