$AIXG Daily Chart - Gaping but low volume. If it touches 15.35, and does not cross it, it could be a nice 1 dollar roll short.

AIXG Daily

$BSFT 2 Hour Chart - Same thing gaping, but not that much. I want to see how it will handle the lower Fibonacci Support @ 27.72.

BSFT 2 Hour

$CETV Hourly Chart - Very beaten up stock, if it can stay above 4.56 it may have a chance.

CETV Hourly

$EA 2 day chart - There is nothing really to do in this stock unless it goes over 18.44

EA 2 day

$PATH Daily Chart - Huge gap on this name, I will be watching for it to find some serious resistanceat 4.10.

PATH Daily

$RFMD 2 Day Chart - I nailed this one yesterday as a good short if it had some difficulty crossing over the 5.34 level. It looks like it will try that level again. If it fails, i will take it down again.

RFMD 2 Day

$SONC Weekly - Opening in the middle of two Fibonacci levels. I would have to wait for it to touch either levels before seriously considering.

SONC Weekly

$SWHC Daily Chart - Might try to cross the 9.50 level today. If it fails, then I will take this one down.

SWHC Daily

$THRX Daily Chart - Opening right at the 24.55 Fibonacci level. A must watch.

THRX Daily


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