$ARMH 2 Hour Chart - Seems to be holding well the 41 level. Gaping higher today. The gap still puts the stock in the middle of two Fibonacci Levels.

ARMH 2 Hour

$ARNA Daily Chart - Mild gap but put it very close to yesterday's highs. Could be a runner today.

ARNA Daily

$BBRY Daily Chart - Talk about a drama queen. There is simply no indication that this will be a good play today. I think it will be sold again and will finally re-test that 13.33 Level.

BBRY daily

$EBAY Daily Chart - Making a come back so far, and above the 51.47 spot it could start making it's way back to 52.83.

EBAy daily

$GILD Hourly Chart - Opening just under the 61.8% Fibonacci level which is represented by the 45.39 price. If it can go over, I think it is poised to make new highs in the upcoming days. Or it can fail drastically as the market is clearly selling the pops.

GILD Hourly

$GLUU Daily Chart - Not convinced until it reaches above the 3.33 level. I think this is see 2.82 eventually before it goes any higher.

GLUU Daily

$NFLX 2 Day Chart - It has been defending the 179.08 level which pretty much is the fence as i like to call the 50% Fibonacci level. I think it won't be long before it gets thrown over the negative side of this fence.

NFLX 2 Day

$RFMD 2 Day Chart - Popping above the 4.99 spot which is represented by the 50% Fibonacci Level. If it can stay above that level it could run to 5.36.

RFMD 2 day

$WIN Daily Chart - There is no biz in this name until it reaches over 8.62.

WIN Daily


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