$ACAD Weekly Chart - This was the biggest winner from yesterday's setup. I think it is very extended here, so I will focus on how it will react once it touches the 8.98 price, which correspont to the 50% Fibonacci Level. I think it pulls back to 7.00.

ACAD Weekly

$ANAC Daily Chart - Gaping above the 50% fib level. Very extended in my opinion. I don't think it can hold the 5.10 level if testes.


$BBRY Daily Chart - Still have potential to reach the 17.72 target, but looks like it will make people wait. Again the 15.52 level is the danger zone.

BBRY Daily

$DRYS Daily Chart - Held well yesterday's sell off, and at no time it crossed the 2.01 level which represents pretty much the launch pad level on a Fibonacci Chart. Poised to run, specially if the market is healthy.

DRYS Daily

$GLUU Daily Chart - Closed just .01 from the 38.2% Fibonacci level, and today gaping up. If 3.33 is tested and holds, I may take this long for a run back up to 3.75+.

GLUU Daily

$MU 6 Days Chart - 10 dollars is the current price target, specially with today's gap up move. If the market is really good, then it can continue to move higher, otherwise it will be a nice short.

MU 6 day

$YHOO Weekly chart - Slowly moving higher. Still not presenting any real sign of weakness.

YHOO Weekly

$ZNGA Daily Chart - I am still waiting for that move towards 3.72. I wstill believe it will test 3.10 before.

ZNGA Daily


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