$ARNA Daily Chart - Trying hard to move higher, but nothjng looks better than that 61.8% Fibonacci level @ 7.

ARNA Daily

$BBRY Gaping above the 50% Fib level @ 15.52. If for some reason it tests that level, all I can say is. You better hold this line $RIMM lovers.

BBRY Daily

$BIDU Trying hard, but still far from the 23.6% @ 87.10. Needs to cross that level before a real decent trade opportunity.

BIDU Hourly

$GEVO Probably the star of the day. Gapoing above the 50% Fibonacci level at 2.34. The next Fibonacci level is 2.57. This will be an interesting play today.

GEVO daily

$ITRN Hourly Chart - I don't trust this gap up. i will be watching how it will handle itself once it reaches 15.81. I think this one could go much lower.

ITRN Hourly

$SPLS Daily chart. I think that the 13.75 should be watched carefully. If markets are strong, it could be a nice entry point for a long.

SPLS Daily


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