$AMZN Hourly Chart - Opening above the 261.81 Fibonacci Level, but a lot of selling going this morning. If it gets close to that level, and doesn't hold, one can short this baby down.

AMZN Hourly

$ARMH Hourly Chart - Gaping over the 42.18 Fib level. It did the same thing last week, and I believe the history will repeat itself. Under that 42.18 level, just short it.

ARMH Hourly

$CYCC Daily Chart - If it can hold itself over the 5.77 Fib level, then this is a go. Let's see how it will handle today's selling. I personally would not short this at all.

CYCC daily

$DRYS Daily Chart - If it holds this 2.02 Fib level, it is a go. Below that, I would not short it either.


$GLUU Daily Chart - Ran too much lately, Yes, it still got room to run even more, but the small gap that open just above the 3.40 Fibonacci Level, suggests that at this point it will be hard to continue moving higher without a mild pullback. So focus on this 3.40 spot to shaort all the way down to 3.07, before it resumes to higher levels.

GLUU daily

$ONNN Hourly Chart - Gaping up to the next Fibonnaci Levele of 8.22, I persnally don't think it will hold, and just fill the gap left behind. The easier thing to do is to wait for the gap to be filled, and maybe take 1/2 position @ 8.10, and once it crosses 8.22, put in a full position.

ONNN Hourly

$PTRY Daily Chart - Gave me some trouble to draw this one, but I think I got this right. Watch for this name to gap and reach the 13.23 level, and most likely it will sell hard, and fill the gap all the way down to 12.49.

PRTY Daily

$VOD Daily Chart - The 27.92 level is the holy grail. If it fails for the third time, you can confortably short this name all the way down to the 27.25 Fibonacci level. Maybe cover half at that point, and lower the stop to 27.50 for the second 1/2. And then let it's do it's thing. If the trade is good, then it will move lower to 26.58, and at that point you should cover everything.

VOD Daily


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