$ASML daily chart - trying to pop this morning, but the downside is pretty much inevitable. If it starts to fail to move higher, One can short it under 69.25. The 1st target is the 38.2% Fibonmacci level. If market gets voracious and continue to sell it will break that level, and the following target is 65.95.

ASML daily

$BGMD Daily chart - As long as it holds above the 1.89 Fibonacci Levele, it is a good long.

BGMD Daily

$GLUU daily chart - ran really well the past two days, I would focus on it pulling back and holding the 2.66 level before taking it again for a long to new highs.

GLUU Daily

$HTWR Hourly chart -  if it holds above the 86.98 level, it will continue to move higher. If it fails, it will be the bears reload short level.

HTWR Hourly

$NPSH Hourly chart - May break out again if it can hold the 2.30 level. Watch for gap fill and a possible target of 2.67.

NSPH Hourly

$PERI Daily chart - probably my favorite setup right now. All it needs to do is stay above the 9.63 level, and 10.30 will be a breeze.

PERI Daily

$YNDX Daily chart - opening right in the middle of two Fibonacci levels. I am presenting the trade idea, but I rather see it touch the higher or lower fib level before taking a decision. Playing safe on this one.

YNDX Daily


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