$AGNC I am looking to see thi sone briefly re-test the 32.42 Fibonacci level, and then it can take off again.

AGNC Daily

$BBRY I can't take it until it crosses the 13.71 level.

BBRY Daily

$CIEN It had a better entry yesterday, but it still show a lot of potential.

CIEN Weely

$GLUU looks good, but I still thinkit will chop around between 2.33 and 2.44, but once it get out of this range, it will be fantastic. Remember 2.35 is 50ma, so that is another level that is important to keep an eye on.

GLUU daily

$MNKD I would like to see it re-test and hold the 2.80 Fibonacci level, and then take for a run to 3.19+.

MNKD 2 day

$MU above 9 eventhough it loks to be in the middle of 2 Fibonacci levels, it still looks like a great opportunity to the long side..

MU weekly

$PRCP Low volume stock, but the chart looks very promissing. It needs to hold the 6.79 fib level, or it will drop again.

PRCP daily

$VOD, watch it for a run above the 27.24 level. If it fails there again, just take it down.

VOD daily


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