$ACRX breaking over the 5.34 Fibonacci Level. I will be looking for that level to be support, and if it goes under, I might take it short with a target of 4.95.

ACRX Daily

$ARCP Very nice setup, very promissing. I would wait for it to pullback and hold the 13.35 level, and take it with a target of 13.64+.

ARCP 15 min

$ASNA crazy gap up, I will see if it can hold the 19.07 Fibonacci level. If it can which I doubt it, then I will take it long to 19.80, if it can't I will short it with first target @ 18.35.

ASNA Daily

$CREE This one, I believe it tops out around 46.70ish. I really doubt it goes over that Fibonacci Level today.

CREE Weekly

$HIMX opening above 3.63, any move under that level, and it could turn into a great short.

HIMX Weekly

$MU I think this one goes straight to 8.90, I would not touch it until I see it test that level. It is a momo play, and the only way that it makes sense for me is to short it once it reaches resistance.


$PERI This will only be a valid trade if it can cross the 9.63 Fibonacci Level.PERI Daily

$YHOO on its way to 24.55, in a very slow pace.

YHOO Weekly


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