Recently I was sent a video tape of a secret video tape of a meeting that took place between a major "bull" player on Wall-Street and one of more notorious bears of our age. I've included the video for you below, with a few of my antidotes. 

At first, I couldn't figure out who the bull was, but then I realized that it was a person we are all familiar with on a daily basis, only he has disguised himself with a beard.

Without the Beard VS  With the Beard (and some missing hair on top)


So this crazy market rally that we have seen for nearly two years now, makes complete since as to why it is occurring. It's simply "The Force" that is being used to propel this market higher by Jedi Ben "aka Luke Skywalker" Bernanke. But now there could be a disturbance in the force, as this mighty bull Jedi is going before Darth Vader (the reference to "Father" in their dialogue makes it apparent that it can only be Lloyd Blankfein) and the evil emperor known Nouriel Roubini.