Trading Psychology 5 Trading Tips for Becoming Mentally Tough

Trading stocks is hard and there are times where you just want to pull out all your hair! I know that feeling (which explains some of the hair-loss issues) because it comes from that notion that nothing can go right and it seems like Mr. Market has singled you out to humiliate and destroy you.  I have been there! I have now traded for 25 years, which accounts for a majority of my life and there have been so many times where I have been frustrated by trading and even anguished. All the while, the art of successful trading, or the psychology of trading, per se, dictates that only the most mentally sound individuals can handle trading in the stock market.

I have learned, over the years, to control my emotions and what I want to do here is to show you some easy-to-implement lessons and tactics that you can implement into your trading, as well as provide you with a free spreadsheet below that will better help with controlling those emotions. 

At times the stock market may leave you feeling like your:

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