The key to July’s swing trading success was in managing the losses and keeping them SMALL!

splash zone swing trading profits and Analysis for july

I did that well, and it is something I am very happy. My winning percentage was right there at my historical average, but I didn’t place as many trades as I usually do. There were only 18 trades made versus a historical average between 25-30. 

June saw continued success for traders in the Splash Zone.

I was quite satisfied with the results, especially when you consider just how mundane the overall market was. There was plenty of 'back-and-forth in the stock market.

It was another great swing trading performance in the stock market for members of the Splash Zone

As you know by now, I am a huge proponent about swing trading transparency when it comes to my stock market performance. There are so few traders out there that actually show their results, much less go to the lengths I do to show the good and bad of my trading.

swing trading stock market performance for may

Swing Trading Results for April were solid - this despite an unmovable and dull stock market 

The month of April finished higher for the month but it wasn’t until April 24th, when the market finally decided to gap higher in a big way, did the S&P 500 break a profit for the month.

Swing Trading Stock Returns in April

My Trading Past Performance in Review

You might not have realized it, but March actually snapped a four month winning streak when the S&P 500 decided to close a whooping 0.92 points lower. In percentage terms that was -0.04% lower for the past performance review

Needless to say there was a lot of chop in the market and that has largely continued into April, but hey, I’m just here to talk about March, there will be a future post on April, once April is finished with itself.

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