September turned out to be a phenomenal month of swing trading for me and the members of the SharePlanner Splash Zone.

September was the best yet in 2017 - and that is saying something considering that every month so far has been profitable for me in the stock market, and the most profitable of the last two years.  

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What a Great Month for Swing-Trading!

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  • A 60% Win Rate
  • Profits both long and short
  • A market that went nowhere, but SharePlanner has awesome profits.

Consistent profits were the name of the game. The market had a few monster sell-offs, but ultimately bounced higher as a result of those sell-offs.

I’ve got some really big news and I am just thrilled that the time has finally come to let you know all about it.

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For the past few months, I have diligently been working on creating the framework of a collection of training courses that would allow you, the trader, to become better at your craft, increase profits, and minimize the risk.

The key to July’s swing trading success was in managing the losses and keeping them SMALL!

splash zone swing trading profits and Analysis for july

I did that well, and it is something I am very happy. My winning percentage was right there at my historical average, but I didn’t place as many trades as I usually do. There were only 18 trades made versus a historical average between 25-30. 

June saw continued success for traders in the Splash Zone.

I was quite satisfied with the results, especially when you consider just how mundane the overall market was. There was plenty of 'back-and-forth in the stock market.

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